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Environmental Testing for Public Housing Authorities


Compliance for Safer Housing and a Healthier Community

Qualifying for federal funding and grants for public housing routinely come with stringent environmental requirements, especially when testing for lead paint in pre-1978 dwellings. AIR Environmental can help you. We work with many of the nation’s leading housing authorities, in major metropolitan areas and in suburban and rural communities, helping you perform environmental testing, and plan for required abatement and clearance testing.

We work seamlessly with your team to provide the required environmental inspections and paperwork to ensure compliance and limit your liability.

The AIR Environmental Difference:


  • Regularly work with housing authorities of all types and sizes

  • Can respond quickly and provide clear, written documentation within a few business days

  • Accustomed to working with concerned or emotional owners and tenants

  • Provide consulting for, and supervision of, remediation and abatement work, and re-sampling to ensure work has been completed properly

  • Can efficiently perform multiple types of testing simultaneously

  • Help you avoid unwanted attention by working discretely

Contact us to discuss your testing requirements:  845.462.0200

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