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There are few things more important than the safety of a child, especially when they are in the trusted hands of a school, daycare, or educational institution. Providing an environment that has properly addressed the possibility of lead or toxins in drinking water, indoor mold and asbestos, as well as indoor and outdoor lead contamination is key for a child’s health and safety and cognitive function. Our licensed testing and certified environmental inspections can help you ensure proper compliance, and provide peace of mind to concerned parents, students, and staff.

Because AIR Environmental only performs testing—and not remediation—our reports are unbiased. We won’t magnify a problem in hopes of performing costly repairs.

Environmental Testing for Schools & Daycare Centers


Safer Facilities for Healthier Kids & Staff

The AIR Environmental Difference:


  • Regularly work with schools and daycares of all sizes

  • Can respond quickly and provide clear, written documentation

  • Accustomed to working with concerned or emotional parents and staff

  • Provide consulting for, and supervision of, remediation and abatement work, and re-sample to ensure work has been completed properly

  • Can efficiently perform multiple types of testing simultaneously

  • Help you avoid unwanted attention by working discretely

Contact us to discuss your testing requirements:  845.462.0200

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