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Indoor Air Quality Testing

During the pandemic, most of us are spending more of our time indoors. What you may not realize is the air inside your home is probably more polluted than the air outside.

The U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY reports that indoor levels of many pollutants may be 25 to 100 times higher than outdoor levels. So, health problems can be caused by the very air we are breathing at home, but at other times in our offices and schools. Pollutants range from living organisms like mold and insects, to VOCs, chemicals, and gases.

Consider having an Indoor Air Quality Test. Such testing by trained AIR Environmental professionals can identify the root causes of any indoor air pollution. Our comprehensive sampling checks for radon, mold, carbon monoxide, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particles from furnaces and wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, as well as common allergens.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality or IAQ?

Lots of things, with mold and VOCs being the two main culprits. VOCs are released from everyday items, including new carpeting, furniture, cabinets, bedding, paint, printers, adhesives, vinyl, fabrics, scented candles, air fresheners, detergents, and more.

Cities are especially susceptible to indoor air quality issues. Urban environments harbor exhaust generated by buses and other vehicles, and subways, construction, and buildings (steam pipes). Combine that with population density and you can rely on the fact that the air in your home, office, or apartment will be far from perfect. And that can seriously affect your health.

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