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Asbestos Testing for Commercial Businesses

Do you know your asbestos liability exposure?


Billions of dollars have been and continue to be awarded to asbestos victims and their families. Don’t make the mistake of believing that deliberately remaining “unaware” of asbestos issues will protect you from liability. Landlords aren’t the only ones considered liable. Employers, real estate agents, leasing agents and contractors can also be held responsible under the following circumstances when:

  • Asbestos-containing materials are removed or disturbed incorrectly or without a license

  • Landlords and their insurers are sued when tenants are exposed to asbestos

  • All parties fail to disclose in writing that asbestos hazards may be present

  • Remediation and insurance companies are sued for disturbing asbestos-containing materials during routine fire or water damage clean ups

  • Business owners or corporations are sued because an employee is exposed to asbestos

We’ll Manage Asbestos Abatement on Your Behalf

When it comes to asbestos abatement, it’s essential to document your compliance, prioritize areas of concern and minimize the risks and liabilities for you and your residents. We can manage the entire abatement project from start to finish by providing:

An asbestos management plan for building owners, managers, workers and other key building staff providing basic information on how to develop and carry out high quality operations and maintenance programs for managing asbestos in place. Asbestos management plans are required by many federal and state agencies, lending institutions and insurance companies.

An asbestos abatement plan and monitoring will clearly identify the locations, quantities and conditions of asbestos-containing materials to be removed by a licensed and insured abatement contractor. We ensure the process meets all federal, state and local ordinances, regulations and rules pertaining to asbestos including storage, transport and disposal. The abatement plan may include but is not limited to all aspects of project abatement, including:

  • Summary of work

  • Project documents (plans and illustrations)

  • Abatement contractor’s use of premises

  • Coordination of activities

  • Standards and specifications

  • Quality control

  • Testing laboratories

  • Project records, warranties and guarantees


Final asbestos clearance testing includes visual inspections of the work area to assure no visible debris remains and final air samples to ensure results are below the EPA and State re-occupancy clearance criteria. All inspections and testing are performed by a licensed inspector.

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