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Testing for Mold and Keeping Your Home Safe

Mold detection can be tricky and requires comprehensive sampling and a mold inspection by a certified professional. Since it is impossible to see every area where mold is present, testing helps document the full scope of your mold problem. Testing will determine the root cause of the mold, identify all of the affected building materials, and determine the level of contamination. It will also reveal if toxic mold is present.


Scientific Testing and Mold Inspection

The only way to really determine if toxic mold is present is to conduct a scientific examination. Do-it-yourself kits can be unreliable, so use Air Environmental, a qualified and trained mold inspection service to examine your home. An Air Environmental mold inspector will also help identify what’s causing mold to grow.

When you should be testing for mold:

  • After a flood, leak, or sewage back-up

  • If a basement or other area is damp

  • When mold is visible on your ceiling, wall, floor, or belongings

  • If an ice dam has formed on your roof

  • If there’s a foul or musty odor

  • If people or pets are experiencing allergy-like symptoms

  • Before purchasing or selling any home or property

At AIR Environmental, we focus on testing for mold and mold analysis. We don’t perform remediation, so you can rest assured that we’re not finding mold simply to charge you for removal.

If you need mold testing, call us at 845.462.0200

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